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Here is a list of my books in the order published, along with pertinent information. Click on a cover to learn more about the characters, to read an excerpt or reviews, to watch a video, and more.

Dark Traces

Dark Traces
  • Author:
  • Date:
  • Publisher: LAPA Publishers, Catalyst Press (USA)
  • Genre: Crime fiction
  • Main Characters: Jan Magson, Colin Menck
  • Synopsis: The body of a high school girl is found near Durbanville, South Africa. The modus operandi is very similar to another teenage girl found murdered the previous year. Warrant Officer Jan Magson is appointed as the investigating officer, but a serial murder docket is the last thing he wants to deal with. Meanwhile, the killer is also on the hunt, because it is clear he has begun to really enjoy his “work”.
  • Format: Soft cover, e-book
  • Pages: 352
  • ISBN: 978-0-7993-8359-1 (RSA), 978-1-946395-01-6 (USA)
  • Language: English
  • Awards: 2015 ATKV-Woordveertjie for Suspense Fiction (South Africa, for Donker Spoor)
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