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welcome …

… to my website. My name is Martin Steyn. Come in. Make yourself at home. Kick off your shoes and have a look around.

Right. What is there to do here? The most important link, of course, is BOOKS. Because this is where you can sit back while I tell you more about each book—what it’s about and who the main characters are—and try to seduce you with videos and excerpts. You’ll also find links to reviews here.

Then there are links to a number of true crime articles about South African murders that I wrote for the Crime Library, in the good old days when it still existed. There are interviews with the media. And a bit about me as well.

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An effective way to stay up to date, is to go to my Facebook page and click “like”, because anything interesting and newsworthy is posted there. Twitter would not be a bad idea, either.

One of the great features of a website is its organic nature. And this one will definitely be growing.

I hope you enjoy your time here. Let me know what you think. And come back any time. Preferably with a cup of coffee (or perhaps a glass of red wine).


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