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… to my website. I’m so happy you found the way. My name is Martin Steyn. Come in. Make yourself at home. Get a cup of coffee or a glass of red wine, kick off your shoes and look around. Some of the rooms are a bit dark, but we like it that way, don’t we?

Right, quick tour. The doors are all marked. (Except the locked one. We don’t go in there.)

We’ll start at BOOKS, because you’ve come for the stories and that is where the long ones are. The ones you can really lose yourself in. We can watch a trailer, and while the lights are off I’ll move a bit closer and whisper in your ear, a little about the story and who the characters are. And I’ll slip you something to taste …

I like realism, which is why I enjoy reading TRUE CRIME. While I was researching South African serial killers, I also wrote a number of articles for Crime Library.

I think the stories are much more interesting, but readers do wonder about the person behind the words. Probably to see what kind of twisted mind would write such tales. My scrapbook of interviews and articles is in the MEDIA room, and you can read about my road to getting published in BIOGRAPHY.

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I think that’s it. Yell if you need something. Oh, that stain on the carpet? I’s just red wine …


“Without readers a story is just words on paper.”